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Troubleshooting - Text Messaging

Find answers to common SIMPLE Mobile questions below.

If you are using the $25 Unlimited Nationwide Talk and International Text Plan, you cannot use IM as a data plan is required. When your current plan expires, upgrade your plan to one of the SIMPLE Mobile plans. If you are already using a data plan and IM does not appear to be working, please contact Customer Support at 877.878.7908.

If you are on our $25 Unlimited Nationwide Talk and  International Text Plan, you cannot use MMS as a data plan is required. When your current plan expires, upgrade your plan to one that includes data so you may take advantage of the MMS feature. If you are already on a plan which includes data and your MMS is not working, check out the FAQs for help or you may contact Customer Support at 1.877.878.7908.

You must be on a plan that includes data to receive MMS.  This includes our $40, $50, and $60 Plans.  If you are on one of these problems and having difficulty, you may need to reset your APN settings.  You can find our phone programming guides here.

Check your phone's Web/MMS settings and make sure that the only APN setting listed is the SIMPLE Mobile one. Your phone could be setup with other carrier APN settings.

If your phone is not a smartphone, we may be able to provision it over the air. Check with your local SIMPLE Mobile authorized dealer to see if they can do it for you or you may call our support center and we will send the programming out to your phone.

You can reach SIMPLE Mobile tech support at: 877.878.7908. Press 1 and then press 5.

There could be any number of reasons for that, but here are a few things to consider:
Your picture size may be too large (try sending files smaller than 300k.)
You may not be in a sufficient coverage area (2 or 3 bars in 3G or 4G is recommended.)
Your phone may not support the file type being received.
Your phone may not be provisioned correctly for MMS.

This problem can occasionally happen when the phone loses synchronization with the SMS servers on the network. Switching your phone off, removing the battery for 30 seconds and starting the phone up again will often fix the problem. If the problem persists, please contact Customer Support at 877. 878. 7908. SIMPLE Mobile does not support premium short code texting at this time.