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Troubleshooting - BlackBerry

Find answers to common SIMPLE Mobile questions below.

You may need to resend your device's Internet Service Book. Log into your BIS account at https://mysimplemobile.blackberry.com and click to send Service Books. Once sent, power cycle your phone and the Browser icon should reappear.

You will need to call customer care and have them delete the BIS account as it is tied to the old SIM. You will then be able to set up your BIS account again with the same username as you had previously.

There are a couple ways to do this. On your device, go to Email Settings (log into your BIS account if it is requested) then press your BlackBerry menu button and select "Service Books" from the menu. Next, click on the "Send Service Books" option. The other way to resend Service Books is to go to https://mysimplemobile.blackberry.com on your computer's web browser. This is the web login to your BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) account. Log in with your user information and you'll be able to resend the Service Books from there. Once sent, power cycle your BlackBerry and you should be good to go!