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Services - Unlimited Plans

When do plans expire?

All Unlimited Plans expire 30 days after initial payment. International Long Distance balances carry forward to the following months until used or until 180 days of non-use. Data Plans expire at the end of 30 days or upon usage of the total data amount associated with the plan (1.5GB, 4GB or 6GB.)

What plans are available?

Our plans include:

$25 Unlimited 30 Day Nationwide Talk & International Text.
$40  Unlimited Nationwide Talk, International Text and Data with 1GB of data at 4G / LTE Speeds
$40 Unlimited Nationwide Talk, International Text and Data with 1 GB of data at 4G / LTE Speeds + $10 Unlimited ILD.
$50 Unlimited Nationwide Talk, International Text, and Data at with 3GB of data at 4G / LTE speeds
$50 Unlimited Nationwide Talk, International Text, and Data with 3GB at data 4G / LTE speeds+ $10 Unlimited ILD.

Wireless Broadband
$20 1.5GB 4G / LTE Wireless Broadband Plan.
$40 4GB 4G / LTE Wireless Broadband Plan.
$60 6GB 4G / LTE Wireless Broadband Plan

What value-added features are available on my SIMPLE Mobile service?

All SIMPLE Mobile plans support Call Waiting, Call Hold, Calling Line Identity Restriction, Calling Line Identity Presentation, 3-way calling, Unlimited SMS to national and international locations, Voicemail and International Long Distance. MMS and IM services are also available but require a data plan.

How much is each payment?

It depends on which additional services have been chosen by each customer. SIMPLE Mobile has payment increments available in the following denominations: $10, $25, $40, $45, $50.

What happens if I don't add funds within 90 days?

If the balance remains at $0 for more than 90 days, the mobile number will be deactivated and you will lose your mobile number.
For live customer service & technical service from a SIMPLE Mobile Phone Call 611. This number will work even if you are suspended.
From a non-SIMPLE Mobile Phone, Call 877.878.7908.

How do I check my current usage?

By login to My Account.

To manage your account online:

Go to My Account.

To get account info and usage via SMS:

Simply text INFO to 848484

To add a PIN to your account via SMS:

Simply text REUP # your16 digit PIN to 848484 (example: REUP#1234567890123456)

How do I change my Plan?

If you wish to change to a different SIMPLE Mobile plan, you need to log in to MyAccount. Once in "My Account," you can change to a new Plan. Changes to your plan will be reflected at the start of your next billing cycle. If you are signed up for Auto-pay, you will be charged for the new plan at the start of your next billing cycle.

Can I change my plan before it ends?

No, once you purchase a plan, you need to stay with that plan for 30 days, except in the following two cases: The 15-day Unlimited Nationwide Talk  and  International for $25, and the Wireless Broadband Plan, which could expire before the 30-day period when the allotted data usage limit  has been reached. At the end of the plan period, you may change to a different plan.

Can I send international text messages on my SIMPLE Mobile Plan?

Yes, unlimited SMS texting to more than 380 countries is included in your SIMPLE Mobile plan at no extra charge. Click the following link for details on available countries: International Text Destinations. To send text messages to international destinations that use 10-digit dialing, simply enter the 10-digit phone number of the recipient as you would when sending a domestic text message. To send a text message to a destination outside of the US that does not use 10-digit dialing, you will need to include a "+" symbol, the designated country code, operator code and the cell phone number of the recipient.

Can I send MMS messages internationally?

No. MMS messages are different than SMS/text messages and are not included in our international SMS feature.

Is International Calling available on my SIMPLE Mobile plan?

Yes. All SIMPLE Mobile rate plans have International Calling (from the USA) enabled. Additional credit for making international calls can be purchased in $10 increments either using a PIN or credit card. Visit our international calling page for more information. Note that the rate is often different depending on whether you are calling a fixed landline or a mobile phone in the foreign country.

Does my Plan include 3-way calling?

All plans include our 3-way calling feature.

What Wireless Broadband Plans do you offer?

We offer two plans (primarily used for Tablets), a $25 and $45 plan offering 750MB and 2.0GB of data respectively.

Which Wireless Broadband plan is right for me?

That depends on what you use your data for. If you use instant messaging, occasional music, video streaming, social networking, web browsing, and email then you'll want the $25 plan. If you plan on using heavy daily 3G/4G with limited access to WiFi, then you need the $45 plan.

When will my Wireless Broadband Plan expire?

Your Wireless Broadband plan will expire when your metered data is used up or at the end of the your last day of service. After your Wireless Broadband Plan expires, you can ReUp in My Account.

How do I find out what my data usage is on my Wireless Broadband plan?

You can find your current cycle data usage by signing in My Account.

Can I switch my Wireless Broadband Plan over right away?

You can switch your Wireless Broadband Plan at any time, but any data left on your existing plan will not roll over. You can use your entire allotment of data on your current plan and then upgrade to a different plan.

Can I switch my unlimited nationwide Talk and International text plan to a Wireless Broadband Plan or vice versa?

You will not be able to switch those plans. In order to use the Wireless Broadband Plan, you will need to purchase and activate a new SIM card.

How do I get more data on my Wireless Broadband Plan?

To ReUp or update your plan, visit My Account. Your new 30 day billing cycle will start at the time of ReUp.

Which devices can I use with the Wireless Broadband Plan?

You can use your device or any tablet which supports a SIM card. To receive 3G/4G/LTE data speeds, make sure it has the 1700 or 1900/AWS band; otherwise, it will only work on EDGE.

I don't own a Tablet. Can I use the Wireless Broadband Plan on my smartphone?

While the Wireless Broadband Plans are primarily meant to be used on a Tablet, they will also work on your smartphone. Please note that voice calling and SMS text messaging is not provisioned with these plans. The Wireless Broadband Plans are for data use only.

How is this Wireless Broadband Plan different from Wi-Fi?

The data is much more convenient and will allow to access the Internet anywhere where you receive SIMPLE Mobile coverage. You will also not need to continually change wireless networks while connected to our Wireless Broadband Plan.

How do I use a Wireless Broadband plan with my computer?

Many Tablets offer USB tethering and wireless hotspot features which make your tablet act as a modem. You can also choose from one of our various approved Data Sticks.

What kind of data speeds can I expect?

Depending on the device, SIMPLE Mobile's 4G data speed can reach up to 42 Mbps. 

Will my data roll over to the next month with the Wireless Broadband Plan?

Your data will not roll over to the next month. Once your new cycle begins, your allotted data will reset depending on which plan you are on.

What happens when I reach my data allowance on my Wireless Broadband Plan?

You will need to ReUp or update your Plan in My Account.

Will I be able to send or receive picture messages with the Wireless Broadband Plan?

Sorry, you will not be able to send or receive picture messages on the Wireless Broadband Plan.