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How do I install third party software?

With a SIMPLE Mobile BlackBerry BIS plan, you will have access to BlackBerry App World on device. You can purchase or download free apps directly to your BlackBerry. You could also download the app files through the BlackBerry Desktop  software on your computer and sync them to your BlackBerry via a USB connection cable.

How do I manage my BlackBerry BIS account?

Go to https://simplemobile.blackberry.com and log in with the user information you used when you first set up your BlackBerry for email services. From there you can manage the email accounts on your BlackBerry as well as resend the Service Books in case your email has stopped syncing or your web icon disappeared from the device.

Can I use my BlackBerry on SIMPLE Mobile's network?

Yes.  You can bring your unlocked GSM BlackBerry to SIMPLE Mobile.

What type of email accounts are supported?

You will be able to configure most email accounts. Webmail accounts such as Gmail and others which support the standard POP3 or IMAP protocols are supported. Most ISP (Internet Service Provider) email accounts are supported as well.

What are some helpful BlackBerry resources or links?

BlackBerry 101: http://us.blackberry.com/support/blackberry101/#tab_tab_bold

BlackBerry App World: http://us.blackberry.com/apps-software/appworld/

BlackBerry Help Twitter account (operated by Research In Motion): @blackberryhelp (English), @ayudablackberry (Spanish)

BlackBerry Desktop Software & Manuals: http://docs.blackberry.com/en/smartphone_users/categories/?userType=1&category=BlackBerry+Desktop+Software

BlackBerry Smartphone Manuals: http://docs.blackberry.com/en/smartphone_users/categories/?userType=1&category=BlackBerry+Smartphones

BlackBerry Official Support forums (operated by Research In Motion): http://supportforums.blackberry.com SIMPLE Mobile BIS Login page: https://simplemobile.blackberry.com

Official BlackBerry Blog: http://blogs.blackberry.com

Can I use my BlackBerry for WiFi calling?

No. SIMPLE Mobile does not offer WiFi calling as a feature. We only offer cellular service.

What is the BlackBerry Desktop software?

BlackBerry Desktop is a software for your PC or Mac which will allow you to side load music, picture and applications, as well as update the operating system software on your device through a USB tethered connection.

What do all these BlackBerry and technical terms mean?

So many terms and acronyms! Understanding BlackBerry doesn't have to be that hard!

Where can I get the BlackBerry Desktop software?

Visit this link to download the appropriate version for your PC or Mac.

Can I use my BlackBerry on SIMPLE Mobile without the BIS service?

Yes. It should work for talk & text. Configuring the device for web and email outside of BIS services is up to you and SIMPLE Mobile cannot offer technical support for that endeavor.

How do I get BlackBerry Apps?

From you BlackBerry, look for the icon that links you to the BlackBerry App World. Clicking on it will prompt you to download the App World application. If you do not have the link to download it on your BlackBerry, do a Master Reset (this will restore your BlackBerry to factory condition & erase everything) on your phone and try again. If it is still not there, check your BlackBerry OS version. Blackberry App World is compatible with OS 4.5 and later. For more information on BlackBerry Apps, visit:

How do I find which version of BlackBerry OS I have?

Go to "Options" icon and click on it. In the Options list, select "Device", the select "About Device Versions" or "About  Device". In the next screen you will see you BlackBerry model number and below it something like the following: "v4.6.1.39". That is your BlackBerry OS version.

Can I use my Blackberry with SIMPLE Mobile?

Yes! SIMPLE Mobile now offers full BlackBerry BIS services for many popular devices of the last few years.

I upgraded to a new BlackBerry. How do I migrate my existing BIS services over to it?

Your SIMPLE Mobile BlackBerry BIS account is tied to your SIM card. Once you put your current SIM into your new BlackBerry, the phone will ask you if you want to migrate your BIS account over to the new phone. If you experience issues with the account migration, please contact our Customer Care at 877.878.7908.

Which plans are available for my BlackBerry?

Our $40, $50 and $60 plans provide unlimited nationwide Talk, international text, and Data at 4G speeds including BlackBerry devices.  This includes BlackBerry BIS services, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Push email and access to BlackBerry App World.  This plan pair well with 2G, 3G and 4G unlocked GSM BlackBerries.
Additionally,  our regular $50 Unlimited Nationwide Talk, International Text and Data at 4G Speed Plan is available. This plan includes 3-way calling;  however,  BlackBerry BIS service is not offered nor supported.

How do I configure my BlackBerry for SIMPLE Mobile's network?

Your BlackBerry is configured with Talk, Text, Data, MMS & BlackBerry BIS services at the time of activation. If it does not seem to have provisioned properly, take the battery and SIM card out of your device, wait 30 seconds and then re-insert the SIM and battery and turn the phone back on. You will receive a message saying, "Your handheld has been registered with the wireless network". If however, you experience connection issues with some internet connected Apps, follow these additional steps: If you have email addresses you want to set up, you'll need to do it directly from the handset under Email Settings or visit https://simplemobile.blackberry.com. For additional help with programming difficulties, call Customer Care at 877.878.7908.

How do I set up my email and calendar accounts on my Blackberry?

Navigate to the Email Setup application on your BlackBerry and follow the prompts. You can also visit https://simplemobile.blackberry.com on your computer and click on the "Create New Account" button. For additional help, download the PDF of the BIS User Guide here.