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General Information - Dealer

Find answers to common SIMPLE Mobile questions below.

The price on the dealer site is the correct price. SIMPLE Mobile updates prices on the phone store every 24 hours. If prices change between those updates, or if there is an error in the update, then we are unable to display a matching price. Please contact the dealer with any additional concerns.

Each dealer offers prices based on factors beyond SIMPLE Mobile's control. The same item may be priced differently based on Market conditions. We have carefully selected our online dealers and believe that they are equally capable of servicing SIMPLE Mobile customers.

It depends on the dealer. Each dealer is independent  and packages things in a unique manner. In most cases, the SIM card must be purchased separately. You can purchase it either from Mysimplemobile.com or the dealer from whom you purchase your phone. You will also need to purchase a monthly plan prior to activating your device.